Bespoke luxury in historical City


Thermal establishments, true architectural and artistic masterpieces, together with the buildings of the liberty taste and the works of modern international artists, constitute a real open-air historical museum.

Montecatini Terme, located just a few kilometres from some of the major cities of art in Tuscany and from the two main regional airports, owes its fame to the therapeutic properties of its waters, the elegance of its buildings and the architectural heritage found around the springs.
The queen of well-being and health, Montecatini is a highly regarded destination for those looking for regenerating vacations, high-end hospitality and real opportunities for entertainment with sports, shopping and relaxation.

Waters of the King


The gold of Montecatini Terme is transparent: its thermal waters, an inexhaustible source of health, known since Roman times, but fully exploited only after the Grand Duke. The magnificence of a beautiful city was built around them. In the 1800s, countless kings and queens, politicians and bankers, actors and dancers, the Cardinals and Presidents of the Republic walked down the Viale dei Bagni in Montecatini.

Nobody leaves without having tasting one


Who knows who was the first to taste it… perhaps it’s not the original, but it’s the best, much better than the original. Ostia, almonds, eggs and sugar: the recipe is secret, the composition PERFECT. The unmistakable flavour is that of the Cialda di Montecatini and you won’t be able to stop at just one.

Glitz and glamour


Montecatini Terme has been the honeypot for the world’s movie and fashion stars for over 50 years; further glamorized by the success of the Music Festival and the fame of the thermal establishments. When it comes to glitz and glamour, Montecatini has it all from boutiques to the sports halls.

Iron hearts who meet halfway


To get to Montecatini Alto, the Castle that “watches” three provinces, there are over 200 metres in altitude and for years, yet so pretty, the fortress has been a tiring destination on foot for wayfarers. At least that’s the thought that led to the construction of one of the most beloved traditions of Montecatini: the funicular. Gigio & Gigia, two iron trains painted red, in perfect Liberty style and still the same since 1896.