A must-attend event for fans of all things gourmet

National White Truffle Exhibition in San Miniato

Typically held over the last three weekends of November, the festival brings together gourmands, professional buyers and curious tasters for full days of open-air fun and truffle-based menus.

Since almost 50 years, every November there is a gourmet festival in the white truffle’s honour and a medley of flavours, smells and colours come together around the celebrated truffles.The small and charming town of San Miniato becomes an open-air, large-scale “laboratory of taste” where white truffles are the crown jewels of the market stalls spread through the squares.

The National White Truffle Exhibition in San Miniato is the best opportunity to taste traditional recipes made with the precious white truffle, buy traditional Tuscan products and take part in special events such as truffle hunting.

The town of San Miniato is both beautiful and bountiful. Its hills are a perfect environment for the growth of the Tuber Magnatum Pico, the “king” of truffles. The world’s largest white truffle, of 2,520 kg, which is in the Guinness Book of Records has been found in San Miniato on October 26, 1954 by Arturo Gallerini, a truffle hunter from Balconevisi (near San Miniato). Today in San Miniato there is a wrought iron monument dedicated to Arturo and his dog Paris.

For the 2019 edition, scheduled for November 9-10, 16-17, 23-24 more than 60,000 visitors are expected to arrive in Tuscany for the prestigious product, which sells for roughly 2,000 euro per kilogram. Lovers of the luxury delicacy, journalists, producers (more than 200 this year), chefs, and food and wine critics will flock to the small town in the province of Pisa to immerse themselves in one of the most important open-air “tasting labs” in all of Italy..

In the packed calendar of food and wine events in the showcase, there’s also “L’Officina del Tartufo”, which features noted and even Michelin-starred chefs at center stage, showing off their newest white truffle-based creations. For the occasion, the “Via del tartufo” (“Truffle way”) will be presented: it’s a route that unites the various places, restaurants, hospitality centers and marketplaces connected to truffles. There’s also the cultural program which features an element dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, works from the Henraux Foundation that create an artistic course to follow, the first edition of the cinematography prize dedicated to Vittorio Taviani, theatre, music and performance.

The San Miniato truffle, over time, has become a “good luck charm” for those who are gifted it by the city. Among these people are many noted sports-world personalities, performers, cultural figures, gastronomy giants and politicians. In recent weeks, the super-prestigious product was given the Juventus soccer players Cristiano Ronaldo and Pjanic, as well as to the Fiorentina trainer Stefano Pioli and the TV showman Paolo Bonolis.

Post Credits: Visit Tuscany


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