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How to reach us by car

How to get here

If you taking the motorway, coming from Florence, please take the A11 and exit at Montecatini Terme | Take Strada Regionale 436 Francesca, Viale Ugo Foscolo, Viale Leonardo Da Vinci and Corso Roma to Viale IV Novembre in Montecatini Terme. Your destination will be on the right.

If you taking the motorway, coming from Pisa, please followtake the A11/E76 and take exit at Montecatini Terme | Take Strada Regionale 436 Francesca, Viale Ugo Foscolo, Viale Leonardo Da Vinci and Corso Roma to Viale IV Novembre in Montecatini Terme. Your destination will be on the right.

The Grand Hotel Croce di Malta is located in a ZTL Area. ZTL stands for Zona a Traffico Limitato, meaning Limited Traffic Zone. It is an area of the city centere that is closed to non-residential traffic. The ZTL functions like the EasyPass system in the United States. Car access is controlled through cameras and if you don’t have a permit to drive in the restricted traffic area, the cameras will record your licensce plate and you’ll receive a heavy fine, even if you are driving a rental car.

How to avoid fines?
You have to cross the ZTL area to reach our hotel and the only way not to be fined is to communicate the licence plate number of the car you are driving at the hotel counter upon arrival. Thanks to a digital system, the receptionist, will authorise you to drive in all areas of the city, even in the ZTL restricted traffic area, without incurring problems and penalties for the entire duration of your stay.

Not sure where to park your car?
You have two options: blue lines or white lines.
You can find them both around the hotel, but it works differently depending on the colour: if you find white lines, parking is free except for when  there is a road sign next to the lines a road sign that shows a, showing possible duration, for example 1 hour ( 1 hour) means the car can’t be parked in that position for more than an hour. Where the blue lines outline the parking lots, you will need to pay
according to the parking rules on the signpost but if you are staying at the Grand Hotel Croce in Malta you will be entitled to a special price for parking: depending on the time of year, if you pay the daily rate to the receptionist and communicate your car licence plate, the desk will issue you a special permit and you will pay just a few euros.
You can leave your car in all the blue lines of the city and for that day. Important note: parking authorization

The parking authorisation.
Parking authorisation issued by the reception is valid only for the day indicated on the ticket. So, if you have to leave your car in the same blue parking lot for several days, you must remember to renew your parking permit EVERY DAY.

Our advice?
Request a permit that covers the  entire duration of your stay, including the day of the departure.

Choose the comfort of a private transfer. Not all our guests are interested in rental cars, so once they land in Pisa or Florence airport,
they’re looking for an easy way to reach our hotel or vice versa: we provide private transfers from and to the Grand Hotel Croce di Malta.

How does it work? Just contact us in advance by email at
or call us at this number +39 05729201 to ask for availability and quotes for the service.

The TRAIN STATION for the GHCDM is located in a strategic position, alfway between Florence and Pisa. It’s also very close to Pistoia and Lucca. While staying at our grand hotel, you’ll have the possibility to visit some of the most famous Italian cities.

What is the best way to reach 
Undoubtedly by train so you will, in order to avoid traffic and parking problems. Montecatini Terme has two train stations: Montecatini Terme/Monsummano and Montecatini Centro. The second one is just few minutes from the hotel: 8 minutes on foot (the solution we suggest if you don’t have heavy bags to carry), 5 minutes by car. For the timetable, just check the Trenitalia website, or even better, ask reception to print the timetable for you.

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Treat yourself to a stay in Tuscany, among wonderful views, sunflower hills, the most famous cuisine in the world and a unique atmosphere in the fantastic Montecatini Terme.

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