How does it works in the city



If during your trip to Italy, you find yourself in need of aspirin, bandaids or cough syrup, or you need prescription medication, you’ll have to head to a pharmacy, or in Italian, a farmacia. Open pharmacies display a green neon cross out front, making them easy to recognize, even from a distance. Each farmacia displays a card with its own opening hours, emergency telephone number, and where to go outside of those opening hours for emergency services. Pharmacists in Italy are allowed more leeway in dispensing health advice and selling pharmaceuticals than in the US. If you can describe your condition well, you may be able to procure a prescription directly from a pharmacist in Italy. Likewise, if you need a prescription filled on an emergency basis, you may be able to do so—if you know the scientific or generic name of the medicine you need and can make a good case for the pharmacist to dispense it. The closest pharmacy is located 5 minutes walking from the hotel and it’s called “Farmacia Internazionale”. For opening hours, please ask to the reception.


GHCDM is located in a strategic position, equidistant between Florence and Pisa. It’s also very close to Pistoia and Lucca. Staying in our grand hotel you’ll have the possibility to visit some of the most famous italian cities. Which one is the best way to reach them? Absolutely by train so you will avoid traffic and parking problems. Montecatini Terme has two train stations: Montecatini Terme/Monsummano and Montecatini Centro. The second one is just few minutes far from the hotel: 8 minutes walking (the solution we suggest if you don’t have to carry heavy bags), 5 minutes by car. To know the timetable you just need to check on the website of Trenitalia, or even better, you can ask the reception to print the timetable for you.