The most beautiful sun of Italy


Feed your soul with Tuscany, the most idyllic place you’ll ever see. Every journey through beauty and history starts from here.

Exquisite luxury accommodation in the heart of Tuscany. Culture, museums, history, art, nature, wellness & spa, artisan-traditions, culinary art, Montecarlo tuscan wines, bike tours, golf clubs and sports hall are just a few of the experiences that make it worth a visit. Come discover the most beautiful part of Italy.
Whether you want to go on a taste bud tantalizing culinary cruise, trek through historical hills, visit Italian Capital of Culture, discover the most wonderful cities of Tuscany or simply soak up the sunshine from the pool of an ancient thermal spa, we can suggest the perfect location and organize anything for your ultimate Italian experience.

A unique heritage in the world


Tuscany is the cradle of Renaissance and it’s famous all over the world for its huge artistic and cultural heritage, rewarded by the UNESCO. You can breathe culture in every corner of Tuscany, as its origins come from an ancient past: from the ruins of the mysterious Etruscan civilization, with their breathtaking “necropolis” up to the Romans dominion, then to the Medieval times, whose traces are still alive in the villages, churches and abbeys. Only in Tuscany you can visit museums like the Uffizi Gallery, a real treasure trove of masterpieces, or the Academy Gallery, where you can admire the majestic Michelangelo’s David.

Tuscan tradition speaks the language of culinary art


Olive oil, wine, truffle and other culinary delights make up the excellence of Tuscan gastronomy. From the Tyrrhenian sea to the Apuan Alps there are plenty of itineraries for anyone who wants to combine culture attractions and natural beauty to discover the taste of Tuscany, a region renowned for its prosperity in food and wine products, so close to art and traditions. The most famous wine selections in the world, like Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano and the red ones of Chianti will enchant you for their unique production in vineyards and farms that have never abandoned the rural tradition techniques. Each dish is a testament of a story, an old tradition that renews everyday on the Tuscan tables.

Natural hot springs for healthy vacation


This is a land full of naturalistic wonder, artistic treasures and delicacies for the palate, but there’s something more: Tuscany is famous for its natural springs whose waters, after having carved the rocks, flow aboveground and create natural pools in which you can restore your psychophysical balance. Choosing your “spa and wellness” holiday in Tuscany means to sojourn in high quality facilities and holiday farms not far from art cities and trendy seaside locations, as well as naturalistic places like Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO world heritage site that used to inspire artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo.

Biking around the winding roads of Tuscany


People travelling on two wheels can feel a special sense of freedom and of deep contact with nature. Bicycle is the best means of transport to explore the heart of a territory: it enables you to reach beautiful hidden places, breathtaking panoramic views and enchanted landscapes. Tuscany offers many cycling itineraries that cover the entire territory: from the most challenging to the easiest routes (even for families), from the mountainous paths to the ones passing through art towns. You can take in the sights of amazing beaches and mountain tops, crossing precious hamlets lost in the countryside. Marked out paths and high quality and secure facilities will help you to transform your holiday into a comfortable and, at the same time, unforgettable experience.

Discover Tuscany step by step


Tuscany offers wide opportunities for open air vacations, and has one special quality: it has a fantastic environmental heritage and a strong system of mid-size tourist business that are environmentally friendly. If you are into walking, the Region offers itineraries for all kinds of trekkers from the mountain peaks of the Apennines to the Tuscan Maremma. Unspoilt nature, routes with varying difficulty that can be combined with sports or cuisine: this is the Garfagnana. Here you’ll find small medieval hamlets, where age-old traditions can still be experienced. A beautiful show of the white mountains of the Apuan Alps: marble that sparkles under the sun.