Are you planning a business or leisure trip to Tuscany in Montecatini Terme?

We wish to inform you that all safety measures have been taken in our hotel in order to guarantee your health and your comfort which, for us, remain a priority, also extended to all our employees to whom we want to guarantee work in maximum safety.

In the recent months, the protocol of anti-covid measures has been extended as, we are always ready to take different and additional actions in order to ensure maximum serenity.

Additional measures in terms of sanitation, in addition to normal cleaning protocols:

  • Frequent ventilation of the common areas and bedrooms;
  • Availability of sanitizing gel dispensers at the hotel entrance / exit, in the common areas and at the entrance of the toilets, restaurants and breakfast room;
  • Well-maintained air conditioning systems, sanitized intakes and ventilation grilles following the sanitary protocols
  • Cleaning, cleansing and sanitizing of the gym and toilets in the common areas several times a day, with particular attention to objects that are touched most often such as elevator buttons, handrails, switches;
  • Sanitization of lifts;
  • The electronic keys are sanitized and inserted in a disposable paper bag
  • In the rooms, all surfaces are sanitized with sodium hypochlorite solution or with 70% ethyl alcohol for those surfaces that can be damaged by sodium hypochlorite;
  • TV remote control sanitized and placed in a disposable bag
  • The dishes are sanitized at each washing with specific products
  • In the pool, indication of max .n° of people allowed at the same time in the water
  • Sun beds sanitized and positioned in consideration of the social distancing
  • In the gym, sanitized environments and machinery, indications of spacing and use of equipment.
  • Thai Silk Spa treatments and massages by reservation in sanitized cabins at each service and with a window in order to guarantee the necessary ventilation
  • Meeting rooms sanitized after each use, equipped with external doors to ensure the necessary ventilation and set up with the utmost respect for the distances provided.

Some services including swimming pool, gym, thai silk spa may not be available in compliance with the DPCM that are introduced.

 Measures for social distancing

  • Clear routes and multilingual signs on prevention measures and the required social distancing of 1 meter. Just follow the strips that indicate the entry and exit routes from the different environments, stop where indicated and wait for your turn
  • Couples, families and people traveling together will be allowed to share the lift, sit at the same table or on the same sofa. On the other hand, people who do not travel together will respect the social distancing.
  • Fast check-in using the online check-in (to be done before arrival)
  • Reception with waiting areas and anti-breath bulkheads
  • In order not to lose the pleasure of the breakfast ritual, you will be served by our staff, from the open buffet, with the utmost attention to hygiene standards.
  • At the restaurant and bar, signposted entry and exit routes, well-marked and spaced tables and seats, Table and chairs are sanitized after each use. Possibility to request room-service.
  • The maintenance of at least one meter of distance between the seats of all the rooms where the catering services take place is guaranteed;

Safety measures for our Staff

  • Staff with self-certification declaring the absence of body temperature above 37.5 degrees and symptoms related to Covid on a daily basis;
  • Availability of digital thermometer to measure temperature.
  • Smart working
  • Presence in the back office of water dispensers with disposable cups;
  • Courses for staff on safety procedures;
  • Sanitization of the offices, of the touch instruments and of the workstation at the end of each shift;
  • Sanitization of changing rooms and back offices;
  • In order to limit contact with staff and guests, external suppliers, who have always had dedicated access, their body temperature and the use of gloves and masks are always checked;

We will remain “human” even behind our latex gloves and you will see our smiles through the masks: we will do everything to make you feel protected, in a healthy and sanitized environment that suits to the new needs of our time. We are convinced that, many small precautions, by everyone, will make the difference and allow us to return to enjoy the journey which then, together with the discovery, represent the essences of our life!

See you soon at the Grand Hotel Croce di Malta, in Tuscany.

The Management and The Staff