Oriental Wellness


Due to Covid-19 provisions, treatments and massages are not available

Grand Hotel Croce di Malta is pleased to provide its guests the new “Thai Silk Spa”, a source of wellness and balance between body and mind.

A corner carefully reserved, where the principles of modern knowledge will merge with the old and wise wisdom of traditional Thai techniques, providing comfort and peace of mind needed to take the path of healthy living and balanced. Surrender your senses to the philosophy of this land, in silence and muffled, in a dark and unforgettable wellness.
Treatments offer the wisdom of Thai and our therapists will create an unbreakable bond with a land of rare and elegant beauty. Our therapists will be at your disposal to suggest you the best treatment for your needs. Our Spa is accessorized and equipped with spaces prepared to answer all your needs for a sensorial experience of high level.

Oriental Wellness


At ’Thai Silk Spa’ our massage and treatment combine emphasis on body and mind, leaving you absolutely relaxed, rejoiced and reinvigorated from head to toe.

Only the best for you


Would you like spending time in a wellness center with many facilities, swimming pool, showers, saunas, etc? Choose from the many treatments and services of our Thai Silk Spa.

Oriental Wellness


Thai Silk Spa offers exclusive rates and incentive packages designed to help you achieve your gained relaxation.